Jerry Watkins has 20 years' high-profile international experience in communication, content and interaction. He researches the impact of social media, mobile content and communication technologies on existing cultures, organisations and systems.

AT&T Wireless, international roadshow
Commercial communication and design

1999-03 Senior Producer, Imagination Ltd., London

Imagination is a leading global communications agency which regularly tops Marketing magazine's UK design league tables (see I worked directly with major international companies and CEOs to:

>  define communication objectives
>  produce detailed project briefs and storyboards
>  research market environments and organisational culture
>  create and clarify content and key messages
>  produce video, motion graphics, web and print outputs.

Clients included AT&T Wireless, Bell Canada, Deutsche Telekom, Portugal Telecom, Prudential Financial, Telecom Italia, Vodafone Group.
Communicative ecology mapping, Denpasar
2013-16 Mobile Indonesians: social differentiation
and digital literacies in the twenty-first century

Site/s: Denpasar, Makassar - Indonesia

Australian Research Council Discovery Project DP130102990

Overview: the first dedicated study of the social implications of mobile telephony's recent and rapid popularization throughout Indonesia. We are studying multiple communities of interest and practice to understand how mobile content and devices are shaping new and unexpected communicative ecologies.

Method: communicative ecology mapping

Chief Investigators: Emma Baulch (QUT), Jerry Watkins (UC), Ariel Heryanto (ANU)
Hume Global Learning Centre, Derrimut
2012-15 Opportunity Spaces: community engagement in the planning, use and governance of shared school facilities
Site/s: Victoria, Australia

Australian Research Council Linkage Project LP110200550
Partner Organisation: State Goverment of Victoria,
Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

Overview: a study of current practice in ICT-enabled classrooms and future directions for shared schools as hubs for mobile learning

Chief Investigators: Denise Meredyth (RMIT), Ian McShane (RMIT), Jerry Watkins (UC)
'Narrowcasting' with village-based womens' group
2009-11 Smartphones and mobile content
Site/s: Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh - India

Project team: Jerry Watkins, MS Kiran
For: Commonwealth of Learning, Vancouver BC

Aim: pilot grassroots deployment of smartphones and
mobile content for development communication

Method/s: Participatory Content Creation
Action research, participant observation

Publication/s: Watkins, Jerry (2011)
Designing mobile information and content strategies for grassroots participation
Audio content editing, Ministry of Health
2009 Communication for development
Site/s: Honiara, Isabel - Solomon Islands

Principal consultant: Jerry Watkins
For: Commonwealth of Learning, Vancouver BC

Collaborators: Ministry of Health, Solomon Islands
Solomon Islands Development Trust

Aim: test new strategies and tools to increase
community participation in programming initiatives
for community health communication

Method/s: Participatory Content Creation
Training of trainers
Microdocumentary training, Nepal
2006-09 Finding a Voice: making technological change socially effective and culturally empowering
Site/s: India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Indonesia

Australian Research Council Linkage Project LP0561848
Supported by: UNESCO, UNDP

Outcome: a network of 15 local media and ICT initiatives where local researchers monitored creative engagement with ICT-supported grassroots social change

Method/s: Ethnographic Action Research, Participatory Content Creation

Publication: Watkins, J., and Tacchi, J. (eds. 2008) Participatory Content Creation for Development: Principles and Practices
New Delhi: UNESCO
Depth interviews, Orissa
2007-10 Moving Content:
creative engagement in marginal spaces

Site/s: Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Orissa - India

Funded by: Intel Labs, Intel Corporation, Portland OR

Principal Investigators: Jo Ann Tacchi (RMIT),
Jerry Watkins (UC)

Purpose, Method/s:
multi-sited ethnography of innovative applications of mobile technologies in low infrastructure areas of India

Publication: Watkins, J., Tacchi, J., and Kiran, M.S. (2009) 'The Role of Intermediaries in the Implementation and Development of Asynchronous Rural Access', C. Stephanidis (ed.) Universal Access in HCI, Part III, HCII 2009, Lecture Notes in Computer Science