Science and technology multiply around us.
To an increasing extent they dictate the languages in which we speak and think. Either we use those languages, or we remain mute.

J.G. Ballard

Jerry Watkins researches the impact of new tech on people, places and processes.

He is Head of the Centre of Digital Excellence, RMIT University Vietnam.


Funded Projects

Mechanism for Extension, Support and Help
Team: Watkins (RMIT)
Funding: Meat & Livestock Australia

Linked Data PolicyHub Stage II: Urban and Regional Planning, Infrastructure and Communications, ARC LE160100221
Team: Thomas, Newton, Rennie, Meyer, Watkins, Dodson, Wilson, McShane, Sinnott, Phibbs, Goggin
Funding: Australian Research Council

Mobile Indonesians: social differentiation and digital literacies in the twenty-first century, ARC DP130102990
Team: Baulch (Monash), Watkins (RMIT), Heryanto (ANU)
Funding: Australian Research Council


Opportunity Spaces - Community Engagement in the Planning, Use and Governance of Shared School Facilities, ARC LP110200550
Team: Meredyth (UniSA), McShane, Watkins (RMIT)
Partner: Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
Funding: Australian Research Council

Moving Content: Creative Engagement in Marginal Spaces
Team: Tacchi (Loughborough), Watkins (RMIT)
Funding: Intel Corporation (USA)

Finding a Voice: Making Technological Change Socially Effective and Culturally Empowering, ARC LP0561848
Team: Tacchi (Loughborough), Watkins (RMIT), Pillay, Cunningham (QUT), Skuse (Adelaide)
Funding: UNESCO, UNDP, Australian Research Council


Doctor of Philosophy 2011
Computing Sciences
University of Technology, Sydney

Master of Business Administration 2014
Higher Education Management
Institute of Education, University College London

Master of Science 2000
Human-Computer Interaction.
University College London

Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours 1996
Communication & IT
University of Westminster